Working with Hillary to create and develop my website for my book was the best thing on the Tom Bird Publish Now program.
I had started with the previous person involved on the program and to say the experience with him and Hillary was chalk and cheese would be an understatement.

Hillary was from the onset quick to communicate and organised a virtual meeting for us to discuss my website which was pleasurable, focused and gave me complete confidence in her abilities to work with me to do a great job at creating a fantastic website, which she did. She was never phased by any questions I asked or working with my own technical team and her relaxed, friendly manner was supportive and encouraging at every step of the journey to launching my #No1 Best Selling book on Amazon.

Hillary worked through each phase of the development with professionalism and even showed me how to do it myself in the future, which was very helpful. She was a lot of fun to work with and her enthusiasm for the artwork I wanted as background and her flexibility to try things out and change them if they weren’t as I wanted was awesome.

I have been so impressed with Hillary’s ability to really listen to me as a client, get what I wanted and needed and follow through quickly and with great communication so we could create a fabulous end result, that I’ve already secured her services outside of the PN program for extra work.

Having worked with many web development service providers over 20 years in business I cannot sing Hillary’s praises high enough and would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who wants an excellent web development professional who is also enjoyable to work with…. Something quite rare it seems!