Are you looking for an easy and attractive way to showcase your events? 

Do you only have a few events a year? Maybe a few events a month? There are a lot of event/calendar plugins for WordPress out there – some free, some paid – but many are overly complicated, or don’t offer enough customization, or they’re simply a bear to modify. Some of the more expensive event calendars (like Events Calendar Pro) are really meant for organizations with 100s of events and/or those who want to sell tickets to their events.

Personally, I like to keep things simple so that why I came up with a way to showcase your events in a list or grid style. That way you can have them look exactly like you want them to, with the fields you need to show; like location, time, etc., and that’s it. We can even link the event to a form so your customers can sign up for the event and/or pay for the event. No unnecessary fields and no complications!

Past events are automatically hidden so you don’t have to worry about removing them. Creating and deleting events are super easy too, just check out the following screenshots. 

A very close up image of a pale green human eye.
Location: Jonesville, VA

We’re having a HUGE Halloween bash this year! We’ve invited tons of B Movie actors, Hollywood makeup artists and anyone we could think of! We’ll have so much candy that every kid will be sick and be uncontrollable for at least 24 hours. Not to mention the inappropriate comments and drunken rants sure to follow by every parent.

A tray of donuts with chocolate sprinkles, rainbow sprinkles and sugar glazed
Location: Jonesville, VA

Join us for our Christmas get together! There will be “catch the runaway sleigh” rides, reindeer chasing, thin ice walking, and the “who’s tree is the driest” fire starting contest. They’ll also be food poisoning, fighting, drunken brawls, screaming children and all other sorts of holiday festivities.

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