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Website Design

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Need a website for your business? Let me help create one that you’ll love which won’t break the bank. Whether it’s HTML or WordPress, I’ll make sure it’s responsive, loads quickly, is intuitive to navigate, and still beautiful to look at.

Website Redesign

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Is your current site old and tired? Is Google penalizing you for a slow and non-responsive website? Is it time for a whole new look? Then let’s transform it into something amazing. Let’s talk about redesigning your website.

Local SEO

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Now that you have a website, you need to make sure that people visiting your area know about your business! We specialize in helping small to mid-sized businesses get found online at a price they can afford.

WordPress Security

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Hackers are constantly targeting vulnerabilities in WordPress, themes, and plugins. Forgetting to update your site can make your site an easy target for a determined hacker – plus you’ll miss out on new features and bug fixes.


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Developing an effective eCommerce website starts with understanding who your customers are. I’ll work with you to create an effective website, utilizing WordPress and WooCommerce, that will help you generate sales.

WordPress Help & Support

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So… you want to use WordPress but don’t know a thing about it? Maybe you know the basics but need to get more in-depth knowledge? I offer 1-on-1 lessons (via Zoom) that are geared to every skill level.
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