Each business is unique and your website should be too. I’ll work with you to determine the look you want for your web design and I’ll get it put together at a price you can afford… and you won’t have to ignore the elephant in the room!

Here are a few examples of my work. Each project is unique so prices vary. Some are custom designed web sites, some are WordPress sites, and others are simply web design mockups. My consultations are always free so let’s work together and build a website that covers all your needs.


My website is the beating artery of my business, my connection to the world, and its connection to me. Without it, I would have no company. In addition to being there for me for the every day ins and outs of managing my website, Hillary Summerton, owner of ONNA Web Design, literally, and I mean literally, saved my livelihood three times, dropping everything without complaint to save the day when my site went down. She actually left her vacation and drove seven hours back to her office to handle an emergency with my site.

This woman is not only resourceful when others fail to rally, and reliable l to the point of self-sacrifice, she’s brilliant creatively and her vision is eclipsed only by her rare, rare professionalism. I don’t just recommend Onna Web Design, I celebrate them.

Jodee Blanco

New York Times Bestselling Author and Speaker, Jodee Blanco

There is much to consider when the need for a website calls. First, answer the call. And then, after the initial hello be ready to answer the onslaught of questions. Why, what, when, how, and who!

The call for a website usually means there is something you want to share with the world. A website is one of the most important and valuable marketing tools available today. You’ll most likely want someone who knows how to speak the language and able to translate the magic into a website that best represents you. Someone who shares the call to keep it up and running.

Hillary Summerton is that someone. She holds the technical know-how and the creative genius to put your unique website on the world-wide map. The technical knowledge is all that stuff that brings marketing together. Hillary is current with the best and most efficient technology with a creative brain that snaps to attention as Hillary incorporates your preferences into a state-of-the-art representation of you. She has an uncanny knack to balance your personal touch with reality. She presents a variety of options and then designs you into your site.

I am very happy with the results of partnering with Hillary.

Carolyn J. Valenzuela


Working with Hillary to create and develop my website for my book was the best thing on the Tom Bird Publish Now program.
I had started with the previous person involved on the program and to say the experience with him and Hillary was chalk and cheese would be an understatement.

Hillary was from the onset quick to communicate and organised a virtual meeting for us to discuss my website which was pleasurable, focused and gave me complete confidence in her abilities to work with me to do a great job at creating a fantastic website, which she did. She was never phased by any questions I asked or working with my own technical team and her relaxed, friendly manner was supportive and encouraging at every step of the journey to launching my #No1 Best Selling book on Amazon.

Hillary worked through each phase of the development with professionalism and even showed me how to do it myself in the future, which was very helpful. She was a lot of fun to work with and her enthusiasm for the artwork I wanted as background and her flexibility to try things out and change them if they weren’t as I wanted was awesome.

I have been so impressed with Hillary’s ability to really listen to me as a client, get what I wanted and needed and follow through quickly and with great communication so we could create a fabulous end result, that I’ve already secured her services outside of the PN program for extra work.

Having worked with many web development service providers over 20 years in business I cannot sing Hillary’s praises high enough and would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who wants an excellent web development professional who is also enjoyable to work with…. Something quite rare it seems!

Suzanne Masefield

Owner, Tangible Magik

I was having a very difficult time finding a web designer who was honest, helpful and willing to teach me what I needed to know to continue to run my business and update my website.

Hillary of ONNA web design was highly recommended to me by a consultant that I was working with at the time and wiithin a few sessions Hillary had both me and my website functioning more smoothly. The way that she explained everything to me took the confusion away and working with my wordpress site actually became fun. Hillary was always there when we set up our meetings and she always could jump in where I needed her. I would highly recommend Hillary to anyone who wants to become more empowered with their own wordpress website.

Thank you Hillary for being such a great teacher.

Jacki McLenaghan

Owner, Pure Potentials

Hillary Summerton at ONNA Web Design has been my company’s web designer for over 9 years. Hillary is extremely easy to work with and it’s great to know that I have a web designer who is prompt about responding to my requests as well as completing the work in a timely manner.

As a business owner it is important to me that the people I do business with treat me as well as I treat my own customers. Hillary succeeds in that mission where I find her truly talented, professional, honorable and reasonable as my ongoing web designer.

Kenny Wilder

Owner, Navarre Beach Life

I’ve been working with Hillary for a few years now. She was recommended by one of my consultants but I was still pretty nervous because I never worked with her before.

Well, she is everything you could possibly want in a web designer! She does beautiful work, on time, and makes sure everything is just the way you like it. She can do as much as you want her to do or give you a little tutorial so you can do some of the work yourself. She makes sure my sites are secure and run flawlessly.

Her work is top quality and her rates are very fair (and she’s pretty cool, too). I will continue to work with her and would highly recommend her.

Dr. Wil Schweigert

Owner, Dr. Wil Chiropractic