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So, you’ve got your fancy new WordPress site up and running… now what?

Did you know that over 40% of the world’s websites are now WordPress? When you have that many websites using much of the same technology, it’s a beacon for hackers to try to find a way in so they can either install malicious software OR take over your nice new website. (Trust me, you don’t want to wake up one morning and find out your charming B&B site is now promoting XXX movies.)

One of the major problems of owning a WordPress site is that, because it’s programmed using PHP and a MySQL database, it will need constant updates. Developers are constantly fixing bug/security issues and many add improvements on a regular basis. WordPress can be set up to automatically update plugins but it still can’t automatically update your theme(s).

I can teach you to do updates yourself but, if an update fails and the site goes down, help isn’t always immediately available and your site will stay down until you (or someone) figures out what went wrong. Trust me, there’s nothing worse than seeing “There has been a critical error on your website” and not knowing how to fix it.

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So, you might ask yourself, is there another solution?
Well, of course there is! ME!

I offer WordPress maintenance for $30/month. That means that every Monday I’ll log into your site and update everything that has an update available. (Sometimes there are updates that are needed ASAP and I’ll do that too.) One of the benefits is that if something goes wrong, I’m right there fixing it! I’ll also create backups of your site on a daily/weekly basis and also do backups before every update. Now, you might say that $30/month seems like a lot, but isn’t it worth it to have peace of mind knowing that I’m on the job for you and you can concentrate on making your business successful?

Oh… and did I mention I’ll also install 3 premium plugins? If you sign up for my maintenance program I’ll also include WP-Rocket (normally $49/year), Imagify ($4.99/month), and UpDraftPlus ($70/year) so your site will “FLY like the Wind!” (or at least faster than it does now! lol) and you’ll always have backups!

Sign Up Today!

Are you ready to keep your WordPress site secure? Simply click on the button below (you’ll be redirected to Stripe.com) to sign up for my monthly maintenance program. It’s only $30/month per site and you can cancel at any time. I will contact you after you’ve signed up to verify your domain name and hosting requirements.

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