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So you have a shiny new website... now what?

Well, you'll need to find hosting and I'll help!

Let’s start with what hosting is: Web hosting is an online service that makes your website’s content accessible on the internet. When you purchase a hosting plan, you’re basically renting space on a physical server to store all the website’s files and data on. Your domain name, which can be purchased with any domain name registrar, is then pointed at that server so it knows where your website is. This is how your website shows up when someone types a domain name like “” into a web browser.

About this page: There are HUNDREDS of hosting companies out there and and people are always asking me who I recommend so I thought I’d give you my two cents worth on the ones I DO like. Of course these likes can change quite quickly – especially if a company makes the mistake of ticking me off! (I’m talking about you BlueHost and GoDaddy!!! LOL!)

BUT WAIT! Don’t just pick one without speaking with me first. Everyone’s hosting needs are different so I’ll make sure the company you choose is the one you really need. I know I hate paying for stuff I don’t need and you should too! 

Recommended Hosting

In addition to the companies below, I also offer website hosting for my web design clients. WordPress hosting starts at $30/month and includes my Website Security package and some premium plugins. Contact me to find out more.

One thing to note:  I am an affiliate for the hosting companies below. That simply means that if you DO click on one of the companies below and purchase hosting via that link, I’ll make a small commission. They are shown alphabetically and in no order of preference.

Cloudways is pretty cool because it lets you select from multiple cloud hosting platforms including Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services. Prices start at $14.00/month for premium hosting.

If you need more robust business hosting but aren’t interested in a VPS, I’d take a look at Hostwinds. Their Business Web Hosting starts at $8.99/month (for first billing cycle) and will renew at $11.99/month.

ScalaHosting puts the bulk of its efforts toward its cloud VPS hosting and support — and it shows. Best for large & complex sites or multiple site hosting.  VPS prices start at $29.95/month for new plans.

Trusted by over 2.8 million domains worldwide! They have great introductory pricing but watch out for the renewal costs! New plans start at $2.99/month but go up to $17.99+/month there after. 

The bottom line

With any hosting company, it’s always good to ask questions BEFORE you sign up. Here are some questions I recommend:

  • What does it cost now and what will it cost when I renew?
  • Do you include backing up and restoring websites if there are problems?
  • Do you have phone support available or is it only online via email or chat?
  • Is a SSL included with hosting or is that extra? (Secure Sockets Layer is an encryption-based internet security protocol that ensures privacy, authentication, and data integrity on the internet. Some browsers, like Chrome, show a BIG security warning if your site doesn’t have an SSL.)
  • Can I create email address for free? Is there a limit to how many email address I can create?
  • How much storage is available for my website? What happens if I go over?
  • Do you offer free wine for life? OK, OK… this one you can probably skip.
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